Master's Degree in Music Education

Who is the program for?

The Master's in Music Education at Western provides opportunities for music education professionals working in various areas to develop their professional knowledge and thus have a positive impact on their daily work.  The Master's will provide music educators with access to innovative ideas and practice helping them to become leaders in the profession.  

Benefits of the program

The newly designed Master's is oriented by three guiding goals:

  • Create a diverse learning experience;
  • Provide greater program flexibility and student choice; and
  • Impact music practitioners' thinking and practice.

In order to do so we are now offering classes in traditional formats, online and blended formats (e.g. video conferencing), as well as via intense-workshop formats.

The program is now available in traditional or accelerated tracks.  Students choosing to accelerate their Summer/Online Master's will choose the July-to-July option and be able to complete their studies by taking 3 classes in Summer one and two, and taking 1 class in the Fall and 1 in the Winter.  Students in the traditional master's could complete their degree in three terms:  Fall, Winter and Summer.

  • 8 half course
  • Choice between Thesis or Capstone Project
  • New Capstone structure: Focus on conceptual and practical investigation and hands-on project with direct impact on teaching practice.
  • Regular Track: 5 terms (20 months)
  • Accelerated Track: 3-4 terms (12-16 months)
  • 8 half courses
  • Designed to attend the needs of practitioners who would like to keep their current positions but still benefit from engagements with a high-impact degree.
  • Designed to be flexible and innovative.
  • New Capstone structure: Focus on conceptual and practical investigation and hands-on project with direct impact on teaching practice.
  • Accelerated Track: "July to July" - Two summers and classes during the academic year (fees paid per course)
  • Regular Track: Three summers or two summers and classes over two academic years (fees paid per course)
  • Our graduate courses are open to qualified non-degree students. A Certificate is awarded to non-degree students upon completion of one Pod. Courses toward a Certificate are available year-round (including Summer).
  • Certificates are aimed at professional development, engaging with innovative practice and knowledge update.
  • Credit for up to three courses taken by non-degree students may be applied to a Master's degree.
  • A great way to discover if graduate school is for you!
  • Fees paid per course

Pods and Certificates

Courses are organized in Pods, which are groups of thematically related courses (see below). A Certificate is awarded to non-degree seeking students upon completion of one Pod.

music ed pods

Diverse Course Delivery

  • Traditional 13-week Courses
  • Workshop-based Courses
    • Using alternative formats, weekends, MBA Style
  • Blended Courses
    • Video Linked & Traditional
    • Online & Workshops
    • Traditional & Workshops
  • Online Courses

Capstone Project

For general information please contact:

Graduate Program Assistant
Audrey Yardley-Jones

Program inquiries can be directed to:

Chair of Music Education
Dr. Patrick Schmidt