The Music Education Department at Western offers outstanding opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program in Music Education. The department is a dynamic and welcoming community, with a diverse and internationally renowned full-time faculty. It provides graduate students with outstanding learning and academic experiences, generating opportunities for expert research supervision in many areas of study.  

The Don Wright Faculty of Music also hosts a research group focused on Music Learning Across the Lifespan (MLAL). MLAL is a research initiative bringing together faculty and students from Western's Don Wright Faculty of Music and The Brain and Mind Institute with the aim to facilitate collaborative, interdisciplinary research on musical training and expertise, while exploring the variety and richness of positive musical learning experiences across infancy, childhood, adulthood and aging. You can find more about research at the Don Wright Faculty of Music.  

Western University is a research intensive institution with an exceptional support system. Western offers outstanding financial support and graduate teaching scholarships to all eligible doctoral students. Further, and as importantly, students will encounter a range of academic and social support systems typical of a top-tier university.  

PhD Requirements

Students are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary pursuits engaging in class work in related areas such as sociology, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience, policy, cultural, gender, race and media studies, statistics, leadership, among others.

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