London Music Scholarship Foundation Competition


image The London Music Scholarship Foundation independently supported excellence in performance at Western for more than 20 years. Annual competitions were held courtesy of endowments honouring Bessie and Joe McManusGuy Lombardo and Healey Willan.

In 1997, the Foundation donated its assets, a fund of an endowed $275,000, to Western University during the first phase of the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF). OSOTF matched the donation with $275,000 from the Ministry of Colleges, Universities and Training.

The University, through Foundation Western, assumed direct responsibility for management of the competition.

  • Applications for the 2017 competition are closed. The second and final rounds of the competition (Saturday, March 4, 2017) were open to the public. Information about the 2018 competition will be announced in fall 2017.
  • Past Winners
  • Competition Rules & Guidelines (2016-2017) (downloadable PDF)

2017 Winners and Finalists

Congratulations to the 2017 finalists and winners! The second and final rounds were held on March 4, 2017. Judges were John Greer (Voice), Amy Hamilton (Winds, Brass, Percussion), Manuel Ángel Ramírez López (Piano), Katharine Rapoport (Strings)

First place: Dorothy Zhihui Lin, violin
Second place: Anna Macdonald, soprano
Third place: Amanda Forest, clarinet
All Finalists (in alphabetical order):  Mélanie Cosman, trumpet; Amanda  Forest, clarinet; Anna Macdonald, soprano; Kirit Mascarenhas, violin; Amanda Weatherall, mezzo-soprano; Tanner Willson, flute; Dorothy Zhihui Lin, violin  

Final round program (2017) information and judges bios (Download PDF 1 MB)

The 2016 Edition of the London Music Scholarship Foundation is open to full-time students entering or registered in the Don Wright Faculty of Music in the upcoming academic year 2016-2017 (including Summer 2016 for Graduate Students) and who are currently registered in applied studies. DMA students are not eligible to participate in this competition.

Selection Process and Repertoire

The Competition consists of three rounds: A recorded audition (Round One), The Scholarship Round (Round Two) and The Prize Round (Round Three). The Candidates must present a different program for Round One and Round Two. For Round Three, the students must reuse one of the two programs in its entirety.

Important dates

Application Deadline Round One - December 5th 2016
Round Two - March 4th 2017
Round Three - March 4th 2017

A Recorded Audition – Round One

The student must complete the online application form (link to be available once application period opens) and bring a CD recording of their repertoire in TC 232 no later than December 5th 2016 at noon. Only unedited recordings can be accepted for this round.

After auditioning recordings and reviewing applications submitted by students, a selection committee will choose approximately 12-15 students to advance to The Scholarship Round – Round Two.

Program for the Recorded Audition – Round One

The CD recording must include a piece or a group of pieces of the student’s choice to demonstrate technique, range and musicality. The recording must not exceed 10 min. No student may present a piece accompanied by his/her own instrument (a piano concerto with accompaniment by second piano, a sonata for two pianos, a duet for two violins, etc.)

Dates have been reserved in von Kuster Hall for applicants to book a recording time (at no cost to the applicant). Fifteen-minute time slots will be available. Applicants may request this service on the application form. The recording dates are listed on the Audition Recording Information sheet. The deadline to request a recording session in von Kuster Hall is Monday, November 17 at noon.

Applicants can arrange to produce their own recordings in a different venue on their own equipment.

Applicants may use a live recording of their previous performance (such as recitals) as long as the performance was given within the last 12 months (after December 5th 2015).

The Scholarship Round – Round Two

This round is a live competition open to the public. The students chosen from the Recorded Audition will compete for up to eight $1,500 awards before the full jury. The awards winners will advance to the Prize Round –Round Three.

Program for the Scholarship Round – Round Two

Music from the Recorded Audition cannot be used for this round. Students must prepare another complete piece or group of pieces not exceeding 10 minutes in total (including breaks).

The Prize Round – Round Three

This round is a public concert. The Students chosen from the Scholarship Round will perform before the full jury. The Competition awards 3 prizes: $2,500 for first place; $1,500 for second place; $1,000 for third place.

Program for the Prize Round – Round Three

The students will perform their choice of either the piece (or group of pieces) used in the Recorded Round or the piece (or group of pieces) used in the Scholarship Round but NOT a combination of both. New repertoire cannot be performed in the Prize Round.

Rules and Conditions
1. Awards and prizes recognize excellence in performance, and the chair of the jury, with the concurrence of simple majority of the jury, may recommend the withholding of any or all of the awards and prizes if s sufficiently high standard is not demonstrated. In addition, the Dean of the Don Wright Faculty of Music may recommend the withholding or reduction of any award or prize if need is not demonstrated.
2. Students must participate in the Prize Round to receive awards won in the Scholarship Round.
3. The value of the awards and prizes will be available in the fall.
4. Contestants must meet qualification requirements for student aid to receive cash awards.
5. Any recordings of the prize round are considered the property of the Don Wright Faculty of Music.