Adam Roy

PhD Candidate
Music Theory
Office: TC 428

Adam Roy is a current PhD candidate in Music Theory. He holds a Bachelor of Music Degree with Honors and Distinction from Queen’s University, and a Master’s of Arts in Music Theory from the University of Ottawa. His 2015 Master’s thesis, “Music in Motion: A Metaphoric Mapping of Forces in Piano Concertos by Mozart and Schumann,” examines the role of energetics in conceptualizing and describing musical processes. He is currently interested in two main areas: modelling musical transformations and voice leading in Arnold Schoenberg’s works and the music of contemporary choral composer Karl Jenkins.   

Adam is also passionate about studying 20th-century Canadian music, with a particular emphasis on Barbara Pentland, Jean Coulthard, and Murray Schafer. He further enjoys studying music theory pedagogy, visual music, Schenkerian Analysis, and LGBTQ+ studies.  He has presented his work at graduate and national conferences.

He is currently involved in the Western community as the Coordinator of the 2017 Western University Graduate Symposium on Music (WUGSOM), Secretary of the Society of Graduate Students in Music, and as a Councilor on the Society of Graduate Students Council. Most recently, Adam received a 2015/2016 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award demonstrating excellence and commitment to higher education. With keen interests in the arts and musical theatre, Adam also enjoys music directing musical theatre productions, and sitting on local theatre executive boards.