Faculty of Music

Music Research and Composition

Mission Statement
The Department of Music Research and Composition supports a rigorous and expansive program in the study and creation of music within the disciplines of musicology, music theory, popular music studies, and composition. We are collectively committed to educational, scholarly, and artistic excellence in our research and creative activites.

Our department offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees including a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Music History, Music Theory, and Composition, a Bachelor of Musical Arts (optionally with Honours in Music), and Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Popular Music Studies, a Specialization in Music Administrative Studies, or an Honours Specialization in Music, as well as a Major or Minor in Music. Our programs feature:

Graduates of our programs have pursued a diverse range of careers in music. Some have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in music and are now on faculty as active researchers, composers, professors, and university administrators at institutions of higher education. Some have taken the critical thinking skills developed within their musical studies and applied these skills to advanced professional degrees such as law. Some have gone on to successful careers outside of academic institutions as composers and song writers (including several who have received awards for their music). And some are now working for major record labels, symphony orchestras, and in other music industry careers.


Our department is comprised of distinguished faculty who include nationally and internationally recognized scholars and composers. See Music Research and Composition Faculty & Staff for more information including a complete faculty list.

Graduate programs

Degrees offered include the Master of Arts in Musicology, Music Theory, or Popular Music & Culture (offered jointly with the Faculty of Information and Media Studies), the Master of Music in Composition, and the PhD in Music (Musicology, Music Theory, or Composition).  

Contact Information

Department Acting Chair
Dr. David Myska
TC 220
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 85332
Email: dmyska@uwo.ca

Department Assistant

Linda Kusters

TC 220

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 85332

Email: linda.kusters@uwo.ca