Music Education Workshops

gareth dylan smithMusic Education Teacher Workshop:
Informal Music Learning in Schools and Community
November 17, 2018

Gareth Dylan Smith is Manager of Program Effectiveness at Little Kids Rock, and Visiting Research Professor at New York University. He is at the forefront of research in popular music education, serving as Editor for Journal of Popular Music Education and The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Music Education (2017), with numerous journal articles and book chapters published in the field.

bryan powellBryan Powell leads Higher Education Initiatives for Little Kids Rock. Bryan is former New York City Public School music teacher, working in an East Harlem public school for 11 years. Bryan also teaches music education classes at various colleges an universities in the NYC metropolitan area. Bryan is the founding co-editor of Journal of Popular Music Education, a peer-reviewed, academic journal that seeks to define, delimit, debunk, disseminate, and disrupt practice and discourse in and around popular music education.

eva saetherMusic Education Teacher Workshop:
February 2, 2019

Eva Saether is a Professor in Music Education with Educational Sciences as profile. With a musical point of departure in Swedish traditional fiddle music, she has developed a research profile that focuses on intercultural perspectives on musical learning and creativity(ies). In 2003, she defended her doctoral thesis ”The Oral University. Attitudes to music teaching and learning in the Gambia” – a research project that laid the foundation for further development of musically informed research methods.

lee higginsMusic Education Teacher Workshop:
Approaches to Practice: Group Improvisation
March 9, 2019

Professor Lee Higgins is the Director of the International Centre of Community Music based at York St John University, UK. He has held previously positions at Boston University, USA, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, UK and the University of Limerick, Ireland. Lee has been a visiting professor at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany and Westminster Choir College, Princeton, USA.

Recent Workshops

Choral ConductingChoral Conducting Workshop
August 25 - 29, 2018

Intensive summer session course designed for choral music educators of all levels of experience. School, community and church choir directors along with those currently engaged in the formal study of choral conducting will benefit from a balanced offering of interactive activities, group discussion and individual coaching.

kodalyKodály Certification Programs (Level I and II)
July 2–13, 2018

Intensive program designed to strengthen participants’ personal musicianship and pedagogical skills, with content grounded in a contemporary understanding of the philosophy inspired by Zoltán Kodály. Level I is appropriate for experienced teachers, emerging teachers and graduate students. Level II builds on the learning in Level I and is open to those who have successfully completed a KSC or OAKE certified Kodály Level I course.

progressive methods in mus edPercShop
July 2–6, 2018

Percussion workshop for high school students and teachers (two streams). More than 30 hours of hands-on instruction and playing on professional quality instruments including keyboard percussion, snare drum, concert percussion, ensemble and additional exploratory sessions.

progressive methods in mus edSymposium on Progressive Methods in Music Education
June 8 - 9, 2018

This new symposium will provide a forum for Canadian and international teachers, musicians and scholars to gather in a process of knowledge exchange and discussion, leading to identification of future research areas and practice development around the use of popular music and associated pedagogies in music education.

mayday group symposiumMayday Group Music Education Symposium
June 6 - 9, 2018

The internationally regarded Mayday Group will host its 30th Anniversary Symposium at Western. The conference will focus on the theme of curriculum in music education, exploring Mayday Action Ideal VII, addressing “effort towards understanding the context of music curriculum and education [that] must serve as a common starting point for nurturing robust communities of music educators and learners.”

christopher cayariMusic Education Teacher Workshop:
Fostering Virtual Musicianship in the Music Classroom: Teach Your Students How to Create like their favorite YouTube Stars
March 10, 2018

Christopher Cayari is an assistant professor of music education at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. He holds a Ph.D. and M.M.E. in Music Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree in music education from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL.

maude hickeyMusic Education Teacher Workshop:
Improvisation and Creativity Today: Exploring Classroom Practices
February 3, 2018

Maud Hickey is an Associate Professor of music education in the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Hickey’s research interest lies in the teaching of, as well as assessment of, musical creativity as manifest through improvisation and composition, and most recently has connected this research interest with work with detained youth.

sandra staufferMusic Education Teacher Workshop:
Listening and Composing in the Classroom
September 30, 2017

Sandra Stauffer is Professor of Music Education in the School of Music and Senior Associate Dean in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on creativity in music, particularly among children and young adults, place philosophy and its connections to music and education, and narrative inquiry in music.

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